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Who We Are

The Acumen Group is a Michigan based management consulting firm that helps companies improve their performance and reach their goals. Our fresh perspective, sound experience and proven methods give clients a competitive advantage and a clear path to a more successful future. We have expertise in:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Plan Development
  • Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Locating Funding Sources
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Workflow Enhancement
  • Productivity Acceleration
  • Conflict Resolution

It can be said with certainty that businesses will underperform without effective planning, people and processes. The Acumen Group brings a fresh outside perspective to business owners and management teams on how to improve these critical business components.

Our mission is to bring unique programs, assessments and tools which, when combined with the experience of our team of professionals, create competitive advantage for our clients. We help businesses and management teams minimize their risks, take advantage of their strengths, and maximize their opportunities. Since our founding in 2001, Acumen has served over 300 businesses in improving operational performance in these critical areas:


Businesses need to be properly capitalized to operate efficiently. Acumen Group has had the ability to refinance a number organizations based on its approach and contacts in the Detroit region financial markets.

Further, in conjunction with our strategic affiliation with The Woodward Company, The Acumen Group has access to its unique data base of Mezzanine and Private Equity funding.

Database Description:
Unlike many firms who work with only a handful of local funds for Mezzanine or Private Equity, we have built a proprietary tool that allows us to take a much broader view of the market. We have a searchable database that includes the strategies, investment criteria, dollar ranges, funding stage and industry specialization of over 1400 private equity funds. This tool is updated annually and took a team over six months to build. When our clients are looking for investment partners, we can quickly tell them how many funds will consider their particular situation. We can also prioritize the potential funds based on the closeness of the match. The benefits of this database are:

  • Targeted contacts – we don’t waste time with people who don’t specialize in our clients’ situation. 
  • Structuring the deal – We can change the search based on different deals. We can help structure a deal that is most attractive to the business and the funds without laborious trial and error discussions.
  • More knowledgeable partners – The funds and partners we identify are specialists in the market and can help the owner grow, not just sit back and wait for their checks.
  • Competition for investments – We do not work with just a few funds, we are able to bring multiple funds and multiple proposals to the bargaining table.
  • Faster turnaround – Because we do not have to do long and laborious internet searches, we identify and bring funds to the bargaining table sooner.


Most businesses in her state do a poor job of planning for the future. In the current economic climate, which is quite unforgiving, the lack of a plan can be deadly. Companies need to constantly reevaluate their business strategy based upon industry trends, the changing needs of target customers and research on their competitors.

Our Strategic Blueprint process starts with an in-depth analysis of your customers and competitors, providing a foundation for creating a focused plan for implementation. Our clients say that with our assistance, they are better prepared to pursue new business in their target markets and achieve future revenue growth objectives.


To remain efficient and competitive, you need to be continuously improving your business processes. In any business, on any given day, there are as many as 30 processes in action. If these processes are not improved constantly, they can be depleting the bottom line.

Process mapping and management are the key to improving customer service and the business bottom line. Key processes that need frequent attention include marketing, sales, order processing, service delivery, performance appraisal, management, budgeting, financial reporting, and many others.

Our team of process improvement experts average 20+ years of experience in creating new efficiencies and improved quality of service in businesses of all sectors.  See What We Do for more information about our process improvement programs.


Having a plan and defined goals and objectives is just the beginning. From there, it all starts and ends with people. You need to attract and retain talent and create a culture of high performance in order to achieve your goals. Our Culture Assessment Tool from Human Synergistics is the number one culture assessment in the USA.

We are also certified in the Kolbe Index profiling system which helps to identify the strengths of key players and find new ways to improve their performance at work. Our proprietary Goals and Results system helps our clients engage their people in taking their efforts on behalf of the Company to the next level by increasing focus and accountability.

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Our Case Studies illustrate some real-world situations and how we brought operational improvements to businesses just like yours.

The Acumen Team has a wide variety of impressive credentials. Read about our Team Members' backgrounds for more information on the services we can bring to your company.

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